Thursday, July 16, 2015

Welcome to Alphabet Hoops!

As I announced on my Alphabet Hoops Facebook page, I'm scaling back my hooping activities to spend more time on The Felted Fox. But I still love hooping and don't want to entirely remove all the information I've created, so here are all the links that were previously in various locations on my Alphabet Hoops web site.

If you find this page and are local to Marietta, I'm still making and selling hoops for my friends and neighbors! And they still include a free mini-lesson at time of delivery! Click one of the links below for more information about ordering a hoop, making your own (!), and hula hooping in general.

Online Hooping Tutorials

Do you want to be notified of local Marietta hooping events?! When they come up, I post them to the Alphabet Hoops Facebook page. Be sure to like and follow us there if you want to be in the hoop...uh...loop!
Are you looking for products with fun hula hooping images? Visit my store for some cute options!

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