Online Hooping Tutorials

My hands down, number one recommendation for online hooping lessons are those offered by Sandra Sommerville (aka, SaFire) at  HoopCity. Unlike the (albeit awesome) free tutorials that are available on YouTube, you can download the HoopCity lessons and watch them at anytime---no Internet connection required. All updates and additions to the class group you buy are included in the one time only purchase price. (I have no official affiliation with HoopCity at all. I'm just an extremely happy customer!)

For free hooping tutorials on YouTube, take a look at the following:
*Deanne Love:
*Betty Lucas:
*SaFire (aka, Sandra Sommerville): (look for "Safire Hooping Tutorial" on the right)
*Fire Groove girls on Expert Village. Here's a link to one:

YouTube is an EXCELLENT resource for general hoop dancing inspiration. Like this one:

As I post tutorials that I enjoy, I label them "hooping tutorial." To scroll through them, just click that label in the right hand column of my site. I'll move some of the links to this page, so you can check here, too.

Butterfly (Betty Lucas)
Body Wrap (

Basic sequence (HoopFusion)
Inside Out Whip (Babz)
Yo Yo/Cat's Eye (KatieBug0376)

Underarm toss (Funland Tricks)

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