Hooping Inspiration

Here are some inspirational hooping videos. I like the first one because Christabel talks about the fitness aspect of hula hooping and gives an overview of the sport in general. My all-time fave hooping video is the one by Beth Lavinder.

Christabel - Hula hooping her way to fitness (news segment)

Shakti Sunfire - Beautiful hoop dancer

Lissa Angeline - It's impossible to be unhappy in a hula hoop

Keep Breathing - Finding Healing In The Hoop from Lissa Angeline on Vimeo.

Lisa Lottie - Street performer

Ann Humphreys - Amazingly fast and energetic

Beth Lavinder - Beautiful flow

Baxter - "Manly" hooping

The payback of perseverance, documented

Ria hoop dancing to Bond

TedX Sarasota. Motivational speaker Theresa Rose speaks of The power of the "joyful movement."

My best-est hooping friend, Laura Roinestad. I met her through hooping and am so sad that she's moving away...but so grateful for the time I got to spend with her. (Video link does not show up on mobiles.)

Marisa Tomei - HoopBody Kit Preview
Click the image to display the video, then click the Play arrow.
[UPDATE]: Gaiam has removed the link from their web site. :-(
But I'm keeping this image up because even just the picture shows how much joy accompanies hula hooping.

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