Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Split personality

Long story short:

I had a hobby, Alphabet Hoops.

It had a blog---AlphabetHoops.blogspot.com---that was accessed via AlphabetHoops.com.

I found a new hobby, TheFeltedFox.com.

I moved all of my blog content from AlphabetHoops.blogspot.com, to FeltedFoxHollow.blogspot.com. Because, you know, I thought I'd scale back on the hooping.

But it turns out hooping is a life long passion and I can't resist introducing it to newbies.

Therefore, I'm resurrecting Alphabet Hoops so that I can minimize confusion when people go to www.AlphabetHoops.com and find themselves at www.TheFeltedFox.com.

This also means I can stop explaining to new hoopers why my website has a split personality.

This is a quick explanatory post. (I'm so relieved about getting back the AlphabetHoops.blogspot.com address! It had been locked and unavailable for several months.)

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